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Rehearsal Expectations:
  • No talking during direct instruction (vocal rehearsal, notes, choreo)  

  • Working memory of all lines and lyrics at initial blocking/choreo rehearsal

  • Arrive on time ready to work

  • No last minute conflicts.  (see attendance policy)

Absence/Conflict Policy:

Any rehearsal absence is unexcused unless:

  • sick from school

  • on original conflict sheet and approved by the director

  • Approved by the show director in advance 

  • extraordinary circumstance communicated to the director

Unexcused Absences:
  1. Unexcused rehearsals require a conference with the director to discuss continued participation*.

  2. Consequences for unexcused absences may include: removal from the show or required run crew participation before future casting.

  3. 2 unexcused absences or 1 unexcused absence within 14 days of the show require removal from the show.


*rehearsals scheduled based on you are a big deal

No Conflict Rehearsals
  1. 8-14 days before opening night rehearsals are required.

    • Director may consider exceptions for extraordinary conflicts negotiated in advance.

  2. 7 days before opening night all rehearsals are required.No conflicts.


Leaving or Quitting:

Performing in a show requires considerable commitment. If you are cast in a show and you have to quit the show you are not honoring your commitment to your cast and crew.  To be considered for casting in any future AVES Theatre production you must demonstrate your commitment by fully serving on run crew for an AVES Theatre show or AVES Summer Theatre Show before you can be cast in a future AVES Theatre production.  You will also not be eligible to win an AVES Theatre or AVES Theatre Booster award or scholarship that year.


Notes of Clarification:

  1. It is possible to be in Acting Ensemble and serve on crew instead of cast for your class' show.

  2. If you leave a show to perform in an Actor’s Equity Association show you may exempt from the above consequence at the director’s discretion.

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