*If your name is on this list and you would no longer like to participate in AVES IMPROV please contact Ms. Fry at
*If your name is NOT on this list and you are interested in being apart of AVES IMPROV please contact Ms. Fry at
GREEN GROUP (Wednesdays 4:45-6:45) GOLD GROUP (Thursdays 4:45-6:45)
Aarti Datar Adam Kling
Adam Pelberg Amanda Korn
Aditi Datar Andre Harte
Aedan Williams Annamarie Jowanovitz
Alan Meili Charlie Whapham
Alex Lensges Charlottle Weiss
Atara Zmora Daniel Ronis-Tobin
Brynn Gvozdanovic Debanshu Kanungo
Cady Cummins Ella Wahlquist
Claire Atkinson Emily Siderits
Colleen Bryant Ethan Masset
Drew Lawrence Harrison Gollin
Dylan Connors Jack Augustin
Eli Cohen Jack Brownlee
Ellie Garfunkel Jake Jervis
Emily Waterman John Eigel
Foster Dawson Jonah Shinault
Isabel Henry Julia Trenary
Jack Wolfe Julie Fort
Laneyah Pringle Maddy Weiss
Leo Lam Marilene Van Den Berg
Luis Machado Megan Radakovich
Nicholas Miller Morgan Evans
Noah Pelberg Olivia Lindsey
Olive Bringle Riley Starr
Rebecca Cohen Rohan Mathur
Sarah Brownlee Sam Barans
Shoshana Stern Sarah Guedira
Sid Subramanian Shayna Kling
Sophia Ludwig Sydney Weiss

Green Ensemble

Fall Musical Gold Ensemble
Ballard, Maggie


Bringle, Olive
Barans, Sam Performed by: Green Ensemble Cohen, Ethan
Brown, Bethany Performance Dates: Oct. 26, 27, Nov 2, & 3 Evans, Morgan
Cohen, Elias Directed by John Whapham  Garfunkel, Ellie
Cummins, Cady  Choreographed by Julie Swart Guedira, Sarah
Derden, Imani Musical Directors: David Swift and Ken Holdt  Harte, Andre
Goodpaster, Kyle   Jowanovitz, Alex
  Winter Play Kling, Shayna
Gvozdanovic, Brynn Radium Girls Lawrence, Drew
Henry, Isabel Performed by Gold Ensemble Lee, Annette
Jervis, Jake Performance Dates:  Jan 31-Feb. 2 Levine, Adam
Johnson, Casey Directed by John Whapham  Miller, Rhet
Kling, Adam   Pelberg, Adam
  Spring Musical van den Berg, Marilene
Lindsey, Olivia Fiddler on The Roof  Weiss, Maddy
Linser, Allison Open Auditions begin August 20 Weiss, Sydney
McDonough, Erin Dates: April 11-13   Weng, Teddy
McDonough, Nick

Directed by John Whapham

Mezzabotta, Giorgia Musical Director: Ken Holdt  
Pelberg, Noah Choreographer Leslie Baum   
Sack, Caroline    
Schulte, Anna    
Subramanian, Sid  


Wilkerson, James    




Aves Theatre Crew Positions

Costumes (NO SEWING ability is required!!!):

Duties include:
Shopping for costumes
Coordinating ensembles
Building of costumes
Dressers for "quick changes" during performances 

Hair and Make-up:  Assist on-stage performers with application of make-up and preparation of hair for the show.

Tech Positions

Stage Manager:  The stage manager participates in most parts of production. He/she can assist with rehearsal through taking notes, playing music, or whatever else the director needs. He/she can also help with set construction and other technical work. During the production itself, the stage manager can be backstage calling stage directions or in any other technical area calling cues or helping with other tasks.

Lighting Crew:  There are several jobs in the lighting area. There must be a light board operator, who physically moves the switches and changes the lighting at each cue. There must also be a person calling light cues for the light board operator. This person has a script and tells the light board operator when to change the lighting at certain times during the show.

Sound Crew:  The first two jobs for sound crew are very similar to lighting: a sound board operator and a person calling sound cues. However, there can be more jobs in the field of sound in addition to these two. Occasionally, there are two sound board operators: one to mix the vocal microphones and one to mix the band, if a live band is utilized in the show. There are also members of the sound crew backstage to monitor the vocal microphones, change batteries, and fix any sort of problem with sound backstage. These two people, one for stage left and one for stage right, are critical to the success of the show, as they ensure that all microphones are working correctly and every person in the show can be heard at the correct time.

Deck Crew:  The deck crew is comprised of all the people backstage who run the physical parts of the show. There is usually one person per side calling cues for set pieces, and the cue caller for stage right also calls the fly cues for set pieces flown in and out. There are also several people who work the fly system and move the set pieces.