Premier Screening May 15th @ 5 PM





Acting Ensemble Film Projects in Quarantine

 Our AVES Theatre students have been hard at work creating theatre projects on film.  These are original works written, filmed, and edited by our students.  Click the links to view their work. Great work guys!

 Group #1 Director: Maggie Ballard

Cast: Nicholas Miller, Ella Wahlquist, Kaila Powers


Group #2  Director: Andre Harte

Cast: James Wilkerson, Maitte Delgado, Julie Fort, Casey Johnson


Group #3 Director: Allison Linser

Cast: Ellie Garfunkel, Leah Leonard, Lexi Zukowski


Group #4  Director: Sid Subrmanian

Cast: Preston Myers, Noah Pelberg, Alex Lensges


Group #5 Director: Jake Jervis

Cast: Leo Lam, Noah Leonard


Group #6 Director: Erin McDonough

Cast: Brynn Govzdanovic, Morgan Evans


Group #7 Director: Casey Johnson

Cast:  EJ Gracen, Olive Bringle, Abby Dowden


Group #8  Director: Bethany Brown

Cast: Marilene van den Berg, Annamarie Jowanovitz