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If you are interested in being considered for an Aves Theatre Booster Scholarship,

The application is Due by April 2, 2022


The Leslie Knotts Scholarship is open to all students in Grades 9-12 who have participated in theatre this year. This scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding participant in AVES Theatre for this year. The award is judged 50% based upon the amount of participation in AVES Theatre this year (classes, performance and crew) and 50% as an evaluation of the effectiveness of that participation (artistic expression, inclusion of others, leadership, service and professionalism).


The Senior Theatre Booster Scholarship is open to members of this year's senior class only. The scholarship honors participation over a student's entire high school career.

Major Character: The role must be central to the plot
Minor Character: The role is not central to the plot but is named


Note: You must spend 10 or more hours above and beyond cast responsibility to earn Crew Credit and Crew Credit for the same show.


To apply for either scholarship CLICK HERE

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