Please designate Aves Theatre Boosters as
the organization of choice for your Kroger points!

         1)  Go to
         2)  Select: <Sign In>  (or <Create an Account>)
         3)  Enter: email Address and password. Select Sign In
             (or create an account if you’ve never registered before!)    
         4)  Select the Enroll Now button, or if you’ve previously registered
                View Your Rewards Details, then Edit
         5)  Enter Aves in the search bar and then select Search (you can also search for HA706)
         6)  Select Aves Theatre Boosters (HA706)
         7)  Select Enroll at the bottom of the page.
         8)  Enter your Kroger card number every time you shop!

Thanks so much for registering your Kroger Plus Card with us! 
All funds generated will go to support the Aves Theatre Program!


** Note:  if you signed up in 2017 using #92970 you do not need to signup again.   Kroger changed the account number in 2018.