2018 Musical Casting

Thank you all for auditioning for our shows!!!  We are so excited for these two excellent shows!

  • Joseph Cast Members please join our remind by texting @avesjoe to 81010
  • Into The Woods Cast Members please join our remind by texting @aveswoods to 81010
  • First Rehearsal and Cast Meeting for Joseph will be Monday beginning @ 2:30.

The $30 cast fee is due from all those who have not already purchased a booster bundle.  The $75 district pay to participate is also due for those who have not purchased a booster bundle or paid it already this year.  See details on our website under the booster tab. 


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Narrators: Shayna Kling# & London Brinkman#  
Joseph Nick McDonough  
Pharoah/Potiphar/Jacob Michael Underwood  
"One More Angel" Brother & Wife Casey Johnson# & Erin McDonough#  
"Canaan Days" Brother & Wife Eli Cohen# & Morgan Evans  
"Benjamin Calypso" Brother Jake Jervis#  
Potiphar's Wife Katie Stautberg  
Butler/Men's Ensemble Ethan Cohen  
Baker/Women's Ensemble Maddy Weiss  
Other Brothers Adam Kling  
  Andre Harte  
  Andrew Schmid  
  Jack Augustin#  
  James Wilkerson  
  Kyle Goodpaster  
  Seth Jackson#  
  Sid Subramanian  
Other Wives Ally Linser#  
  Brynn Gvozdanovic  
  Cady Cummins#  
  Caroline Sack  
  Ellie Garfunkel  
  Isabel Henry#  
  Maggie Ballard  
  Marilene van den Berg  
  Stacy Lawrence  
Featured Dancers Anna Shulte  
  Corinthian Hill  
  Emma Smith  
  Grace Hall  
  Laneyah Pringle  
  Lily Freiberg  
  Serena Huberty  
Women's Ensmble Elizabeth Staffiera  
  Giorgia Mezzabotta  
  Lydia Taylor  
  Maria Cristina Ormaza Palacios  
  Olive Bringle  
  Sophia Ludwick  
Men's Ensemble Jonah Shinault*  
  Jack Wolfe  
  Noah Pelberg  
  Alex Jowanovitz  
Stage Managers Julie Whapham & Adam Levine  
 # Denotes "singer" for rehearsal purposes    
* Pending contract completion and conflict approval
  Into the Woods  
Narrator/Mysterious Man Sam Barans  
The Witch Julie Whapham  
The Baker Ben Swart  
Baker's Wife Connie Kavensky  
Little Red Emma Balk  
Cinderella Kate McNamara-Marsland  
Cinderella's Step Mother Sarah Guedira  
Lucinda Amanda Jensen  
Florinda Katie Staffiera  
Cinderella's Father Quinn Rile  
Jack Adam Levine  
Jack's Mother Bethany M. Brown  
Milky White Sydney Weiss  
Rapunzel Leslie Brown  
The Princes Adam Pelberg & Drew Lawrence  
Prince's Steward Marc Filippelli  
The Wolf Skye Haruyama  
Granny/Cindy mom/Giant Hanna Leonard  
Sleeping Beauty Katie Stautberg  
Snow White Emma Smith  
Stage Managers Nitin Pauletti & Sara Cohen  


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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

Children’s Choir

Priyanka Anoop

Defne Orucoglu

Andrea Bell

Daniela Pereda

Alexandra Bruner

Emily Phillips

Jordan Finck

Anna Ralston

Olavo De Freitas

Christina Shiomitsu

Diamanda Donisi

Kae’Den Simms

Cassiaha Gibson

Rashmi Singh

Nick Griffin

Anya Sperber

Vivian Henry

Sana Shyam

Lilliana Jones

Thomas Suffield

Lisa Kai

Annalise Vanover

Kristen Marnocha

Violet Vanover

Julia Miller

Rebecca Wallace

Devin Mitchell

Lauren Wirth

Kayla Mitchell

Kelly Whapham

William Myers




2017-2018 Acting Ensembles

A Midsummer Night's Dream  
Written by William Shakespeare  
Casting by Jeremy Dubin  
Ballard, Maggie Fairy
Ballman, Kyle Oberon
Barans, Sam Theseus
Brown, Bethany Helena
Brown, Leslie Titania
Cohen, Eli Lysander
Cohen, Ethan Philostrate
Johnson, Casey Flute
Kavensky, Connie Hippolyta
Kurtzer, Ariela Hermia
Leonard, Hanna Snout
Linser, Allison Fairy
Mackie, Christine Starveling
McDonough, Nick Egues
Smith, Smma Quince
Staffiera, Katie Snug
Swart, Ben Demetrius
Whapham, Julie Puck
Wilkerson, James Bottom
Game of Tiaras  
by Don Zolidis  
Casting by June Hill  
Arbenz Jocelin Princess #3/Peasant #1
Arbruster, Eva Guard#3/Props
Balk, Emma Ellie/Set Work
Bringle, Olive Snow White
Derden, Imani Soldier #2/Props $ Make-Up
Guerdira, Sarah Princess #2/Costumes
Huryama, Skye Blook Packet Guy/Production Assistant
Jensen, Amanda Dwart #1/Costumes
Jowanovitz, Alex Prince Charming/ Soundtracks
Kling, Shayna Cinderella/Scenic Art
Lawrence, Drew King
Lawrence, Stacey Narrator #2
Lee, Annette Candle/Peasant #2/Piano
Levine, Adam Smeagol/Fr. Prince/Assistant to Director
Lindsey, Olivia Dwart#2 Stage Manager
Maniet, Mia Guard #2/Choreo Assist.
McDonough, Erin Fr. Solider/Princess #1
McNamera-Marsland, Kate Little Mermaid
Mezzabotta, Giorgia Fr. Soldier/Exectutioner
Pelberg, Adam Narrator #1/Projection
Race, Ty Herald/Snowman/Music
Schipper. Caitlin Soldier #2/Music Assistance
Stautberg, Katie Belle/Costumes
Weiss, Maddie Soldier #3/Piano
Weiss, Sydney Guard #1/Props